[Ray (driving) and Tracy (riding) ]

Ray (driving) and Tracy (riding)

[Kay, Carol and Warren ]

Kay, Carol and Warren

January 06, 2011

On the public holiday Monday a group of local drivers met at Goulburn for a picnic drive.

I decided to take along Bobby, as although he has done lots of driving before he hadn't been out on a drive with strange horses without the reassuring presence of his brother Moochie.

Bobby did really well, he was happy to be in the middle of the group, and did not fuss. So much more pleasant than Jerry, who insists on racing everyone there and will bug, rear and squeal unless he is allowed to be the lead horse.

As Bobby was barefoot, we cut the drive short and only did 10kms as I didn't want to wear his hooves right down. As it was, the drive was cut short as it poured with rain and thundered (carriages are mostly metal after all). So we had our picnic on the verandah of Carol and Ray's house.

A pleasant day in all.

Posted by Amanda on January 6, 2011 08:53 AM