April 27, 2011

I am back after 2 weeks away at the ACDS 40th Anniversary Carriage Driving festival. Over 120 drivers came, as far as from WA, Tasmania, and New Zealand. It was an incredible event, I do not think we will see the likes of such again in Australia for a long time.

The Australian Show Driving Championships were held on day 1 of the ACDS 40th Anniversary celebration. The day was overcast, and bitterly cold, but the rain held off.

It was a great show, with entries from miniature horses through to Clydesdales. I was really pleased with how Bobby and Moochie went, and Olivia (my niece) who braved the bitter cold to groom for me. She had only arrived the day before from the heat of Perth to experience the cold, wet and windy weather that is the NSW Southern Highlands.

We won first in the pairs class, and second in the lady driver class. I was amazed with these placings, as the level of competition was very high.

Photos are by Tamara Abed and Dennis Casper.

Posted by Amanda on April 27, 2011 11:48 AM