[Driving Bobby and Moochie at the Picnic Drive ]

Driving Bobby and Moochie at the Picnic Drive

[Gary Harris setting off on the drive ]

Gary Harris setting off on the drive

June 19, 2011

I haven't posted for a while, so here is a bit more about the ACDS 40th anniversary in April...

One of the events planned was a trip to the Australian War memorial, hosted by Dr Pam James. We went to study the works of two World War 1 artists, Septimus Power and George Lambert, who painted the lives horses and men and the front. We had the privilege of going on a behind the scenes tour of the archives, and seeing the sketches and studies that they made whilst living alongside the soldiers. We then went into the main gallery, and saw the finished paintings based on these studies. One of the things that we all commented on was the raw nature of the sketches, they had so much power and emotion in them, some of which was lost when the final works were produced. Next time you are surfing the internet do a Google search on these artists, they produced some wonderful studies of horses outside of their role as war artists.

To me one of the highlights of the week was the picnic drive. About 30 carriages went along, we did a 17km round trip with a stop half way along for a lunch. With the exception of one driver losing the rubber off a wheel rim the whole thing went off perfectly. I enjoyed the experience of trotting the ponies along the roads surrounded by like minded people with their horses, all smiles and relaxation. At the lunch stop we had a paddock to tie horses up in, all of our picnic lunches were packed individually and beautifully in cake boxes, and a porta-loo had been towed along for our convenience. It all seemed so casual and carefree, but there was a dedicated group of people transporting meals and toilet, directing traffic and driving the course to ensure that all was well and everyone had a great day.

Posted by Amanda on June 19, 2011 02:40 PM