Photographer: Downunder Photography


Photographer: Downunder Photography

November 21, 2011

Equitana was held in Sydney for the first time this year. For non-horsey folks this is a huge 3-day event dedicated to the horse. It attracts top equestrian celebrities from all over the world.

The Australian Carriage Driving Society had a trade stall, as well as having several exhibition events. I volunteered to help out with events, and was, to my utter surprise, asked to do the pairs driving obsathon on the Sunday.

On the Thursday, I volunteered to man the trade stall, which was a lot of fun. I did my 'carriage driving is great' sales pitch time and time again. I also met a lot of people I hadn't seen in a very long time. I was amazed at how many horsey friends I have made over the years.

Sunday was the big day. Horses and carriage loaded, I drove from Bundanoon to Sydney, found the show-ground, found the stables, unloaded the ponies, carriage and harness, drove my ute and float away to the designated parking area, caught the bus back from the designated parking area and back to the stables to the ponies.

The Pairs obstahon was a race through a series of cones and obstacles. No pressure, but the commentator was World Champion Boyd Excel. That may not mean much to some of you, but it's like having Ian Thorpe being commentator at a swimming comp you are competing at. I was soooooo nervous, the ponies had been on a diet and my main concern was to stop them from grazing ! And we were competing against big horses.

We were the slowest time, but I knew from the start we would be. The whole point of the exercise was to sow that no matter how small or large your equine, you can compete in carriage driving.

I could not have done the event without the assistance of Belinda an Jessica. Thanks so much !

To the right are some lovely pics of me, Belinda and the boys from Downunder Photography, and here is a

You Tube link to us on Horse Zone TV Look at those little legs go !

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