December 30, 2011

Well, We finally did it, and entered the 3 ponies in a competition. It was the President's Cup, a cones and Dressage event at Bundanoon. It was originally to be held at the pony club, but at the last minute we changed the venue to Shibumi.

The 3 boys did really well, especially given that I had never driven a Unicorn hitch through cones before.

The day was so foggy that some of the dressage tests had to be held back as the judges could not see to the other end of the dressage arena ! Two days before I was driving down there in a T-shirt !

Sheryl and Trevor must have been very proud. There were about 10 entries, and everyone was driving a vehicle built by Trevor, and everyone was a student of Sheryl's. They have done a lot to raise the standard of driving in Australia.

And Once again Belinda and Jessica were there for me. Last the week before I had them cooking in37 degrees, then I had them freezing in 12 degrees. I'm so lucky to have such good horsey friends.

Posted by Amanda on December 30, 2011 06:03 PM