[Sunny (in blue) and Jerry (in red) in the mud. Sunny has a much finer face but otherwise they are a good match. ]

Sunny (in blue) and Jerry (in red) in the mud. Sunny has a much finer face but otherwise they are a good match.

[Driving Sunny ]

Driving Sunny

[Sunny's new girlfriend - Lassy the Clydesdale!! ]

Sunny's new girlfriend - Lassy the Clydesdale!!

[Sunny in harness ]

Sunny in harness

March 25, 2012

The last few months have been so wet, and most of the carriage driving events that were planned have been cancelled.

I have been working towards getting together my dream of becoming a 4 in hand driver. My Unicorn driving is going along well, and in many respects Unicorn driving is a lot more difficult than 4 in hand as the 'leader' (the one up front) does not have a horse next to him to balance him out so the leader pony tends to drift around.

Through the kindness of a few people I am now in possession of team member #4, Kentucky Park Total Eclipse. His stable name was Hamish, but this is my nephew's name and I thought that a bit too weird so he is now renamed 'Sunny' (after the eclipse, and because it rhymes with the other threes' names). He was bought site unseen from Victoria, a leap of faith, but I had the backing of several Victorian friends who could vouch for the pony, and was shipped up to NSW by East Coast Horse Transport. He is now with my others at Shibumi Equestrian Centre who are assisting me in many ways to get this team together.

Sunny is a lot finer in looks than the other 3, who are much stockier, but he is the right size and colour for the team. In particular he has the temperament I wanted to match Jerry as a Team Leader, forward moving and flashy. He is still only a baby, and still scared of scary things like sticks, tarpaulins, butterflys, etc, but is so willing to please.

As he has not been driven in traffic Sheryl has been taking him out for me during the week on the roads, being led behind another horse and carriage. He's been driven in paddocks and arenas and around the equestrian centre.

The aim is to have him going nicely on his own, then to pair him up with Jerry. Once they are going along well together we will match them up with bobby and Moochie to have a 4 in hand going.

Posted by Amanda on March 25, 2012 04:14 PM