May 30, 2012

The Historical Panel of the NSW branch of the ACDS ran an event in May with Hawkesbury TAFE. The TAFE has an equestrian department, and also a blacksmithing / farriery department, and this year they are running course on carriage restoration.

About 50 members of the ACDS went along to a 1 day presentation by Amando and Glen from TAFE NSW. Glen covered off some aspects of putting to and driving, and Amando discussed what to look for when buying an older vehicle and some of the aspects of carriage restoration.

The weather was lovely, and the Hills Club put on a wonderful lunch. About 50 ACDS members attended, and everyone came away from the day having learnt something new. I was particularly interested in Glen's tips for hobbling and tying up harness horses, especially when a person is driving alone and has to get out to open a gate or suchlike.

It is really nice to know that TAFE still has a few of these 'old skills' courses left. Until a few years ago you could learn millinery, spinning an weaving at TAFE, but these old - worlde trades have been nudged out by more modern vocational courses. In Europe the various governments subsidise these old trades to ensure the skills don't die out. It would be wonderful if the Australian Government could do likewise but I doubt it would ever happen.

Posted by Amanda on May 30, 2012 08:54 PM