[Kim, Belinda and I at NSW Show driving Championships 2012]

Kim, Belinda and I at NSW Show driving Championships 2012

[Belinda and Jordan having a mother/son argument at Witwood CDE, 2012]

Belinda and Jordan having a mother/son argument at Witwood CDE, 2012


April 06, 2013

I have been slack in updating this blog in recent months, mainly because Facebook is such an easy way to share the ponies' exploits.

I have moved the ponies to Fiddletown, near Dural, where they are being looked after wonderfully by my friends Keri and Alan. This means I am getting to spend a lot more time with them.

I've been driving the 4 in hand now for about 9 months, and we get better with each drive.

In January I was lucky enough to have a lesson with Janelle Marshall, who gave me some great advice about getting Sunny to be more forward, and get them working as more of a proper team.

We have been attending shows, pleasure drives, fun days, and CDEs. Our dressage tests are still very unruly, it is incredibly hard trying to steer four animals at once, particularly as you need to steer them in different directions. Think of a car and trailer turning a corner, at one point the car will be turned but the trailer will still be facing straight ahead. You need to be able to do this with the two sets of ponies, to make a right hand titn you initially need to turn the front ponies to the right and the back ponies slightly to the left. It involves lots of grabbing of reins.

I have been incredibly lucky to have my friends Belinda and Kim, as well as Jessica and Jordan, come and join me in this. 4 in hand driving is a team sport, you need at least 4 horses (most people have 5 or 6 so there are a couple of spares in case of injury), and at least 3 people. I could not do this without their help, literally.

Posted by Amanda on April 6, 2013 02:27 PM