[photograph] [photograph] [photograph] [Mum, Dad and Georgia ]

Mum, Dad and Georgia

[Dressage with the ponies in step ]

Dressage with the ponies in step

[Georgia supervising harnessing up ]

Georgia supervising harnessing up

April 06, 2013

In March we went to a CDE is Moonbi, near Tamworth, Run by Tamworth Regional Horse drawn club.

'Team Hills' (as we have christened ourselves) consists of myself, Kim McGregor, Belinda Casper, Jessica Casper, and Jessica's friend Jamie came along for a weekend away and to be our cheer squad.

The weekend was a real family affair, with Kim's boyfriend's grandfather coming up to watch the marathon, and my parents and 4 year old niece coming to see the dressage and cones. It was very exciting for me as I rarely see my parents, and they have only seen me drive one before, many years ago.

There were 13 entries, although we were the only 'multiple' entry. The grounds were great, good camping, stables for the ponies, showers, toilets and a hall to use for presentations.

We did quite well in the dressage, only one ball down in the cones but a slow time.

The marathon was a very interesting course, the section A was driving on public, but quiet roads, and the marathon obstacles have been constructed around the local harness racing track. Our little tam was very slow in the marathon obstacles, but we kept up quite a good pace otherwise.

We won our class. We were the only ones in the class, but this is still a decent achievement as there are many ways we could have been eliminated (failing vet checks, going around obstacles or cones incorrectly), so I was really very happy that we 'got through'.

To get to Tamworth from Sydney is about 6 hours, but if you have the time it is a great venue. The Tamworth club is very welcoming and supportive, and they have lots of small pony drivers up there (like our club), so it is 'little pony friendly'.

Thanks to Kim, Belinda, Jessica (and Jamie) - couldn't have sone it without you !

Posted by Amanda on April 6, 2013 02:47 PM