March 13, 2014

My brother let slip recently that they were looking at possibly getting a mini pony for their 5 acre block near Armidale.

Well, I went into excitement overdrive as I now had an opportunity to show my family why I am so obsessed with little ponies. I had a look at a few ponies for sale locally, and they were not suitable for children, then my friend Karri mentioned her cremello mare was for sale.

I have always been a 'gelding person', and of course cremellos are considered by many to be freaky with their albino pink skin and sky blue eyes, but I knew the pony in question and thought her cheeky, in your face attitude would be a good match for my brother's family as they are as eccentric about animals as me.

So 'Emmy' is now living with my brother's family. I hope they learn to be as bonkers about ponies are we all are as bonkers about cats now.

Posted by Amanda on March 13, 2014 07:08 PM