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Wild Rose Cottage

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Kitchen with Wood oven

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May 07, 2014

Well my life has taken a complete turn.

After 22 years, Peter and I are parting ways. Although I am still very much in love with him our lives are going in different directions, and we are parting amicably and as friends (although I have had several low moments and tall my most heartfelt thanks to Mikey for seeing me through a particularly bad episode).

Things have fallen into place in an uncanny way. I was about to change roles at work, so we have the person replacing me on board and is coming up to speed very quickly. Peter has assisted me financially, and my brother just happened to mention that a hobby farm that backs on to his hobby farm was for sale at a bargain price.

So in the coming weeks I will be moving from crowded Sydney to Invergowrie (near Armidale). Invergowrie has a population of 750, and consists of one shop, a volunteer rural fire station, and a rather spiffy children’s’ playground. One building, one shed, and one park is the village metropolis. As I really dislike crowds I’m thrilled.

So today I exchanged contracts on ‘Wild Rose Cottage’

7 acres, two dams, 2 bedroom cottage, waterway. shed, greenhouse, chicken run, orchard, and more rubbish than I have ever seen outside of a municipal tip.

The house is in a very poor state. It has been used in recent years as a rental property and the tenants were (to quote the real estate agent) totally feral. Doors are ripped off cupboards, cracked and broken windows, filthy carpets, bathroom needs a total rebuild. But structurally it is sound and it has mountains of potential. Oh and my brother runs his own handyman business so I have knowledgeable help at my back fence.

The oven is a wood fire oven (like an Aga but not nearly as posh/expensive). I’m going to keep it and learn to use it, but get a little toaster oven and hotplates for the weekdays.

The sunroom has been walled in, and has created a beautiful space that I intend to use as a studio for my spinning, weaving and leatherwork.

There is a fantastic shed (in much better condition than the house) that I can use as a tack room / feed shed, and a greenhouse that will be fantastic once I replace some broken glass. Given that it snows in winter and I’m planning to grow my own veggies that is a bonus.

There is a badly overgrown but structurally OK chicken run (complete with dead chicken)

There is also an old orchard that needs serious attention but the trees look healthy.
The property has a small gully/waterway running through it, with 2 dams. The larger dam has plenty of water, which is a good sign given that Armidale has suffered a long period of drought. The property is lightly wooded, with native grasses. There are a few patches of blackberry but is otherwise weed free.

The main challenge is the rubbish. The place was originally a plant nursery, and it literally looks like the place has been bombed. The front section of the property has rubbish everywhere. Wooden Pallets covered in blackberry, pieces of corrugated iron, sections of poly-pipe, scraps of shade cloth, furniture, wire, glass, you name it it’s there. However, it’s all small stuff that I can easily collect and take to the tip over time, and the back section of the property is rubbish-free so once I put in a dividing fence the ponies can move in.

At present the ponies are on agistment. Jerry and Sunny are with my brother’s family, and bobby and Moochie are next door with Rob and Sue who very close friends with my brother (they are my niece’s God-parents).

I’m going to have to learn to live very frugally. My brother got me a fridge this week for the princely sum of $180, and I bought a fantastic little 3 piece lounge from the Salvos for $30 !

So watch my blog as I go all ‘River Cottage’ at Wild Rose Cottage….

Posted by Amanda on May 7, 2014 07:08 PM