[The lounge room is now looking very cosy]

The lounge room is now looking very cosy

[Local resident]

Local resident

[The ponies talking to the next door pony]

The ponies talking to the next door pony

[Ponies roaming ]

Ponies roaming

[Cute Silky]

Cute Silky

June 13, 2014

I've been at Wild Rose Cottage for a full week now.

Last weekend my brother did an incredible job of putting in a fence across the back of the property using 99% materials that we scavenged from the property. It is not a pretty fence, but it is sturdy and free! I rediscovered the joy of Gripples.

So I now have my ponies at my own place, something I never believed would happen. Emmi is over as well, as I've got plenty of feed on my place whereas my brother's place is fairly bare at the moment.

Being able to call to my ponies and have them run over to me makes me weak at the knees. In the past my ponies have always run away from me as I equated work, whereas now I equate food.

The house is starting to look decent and feel cosy, the dog smell has gone (to be replaced with a cat smell). All the cats made the 6 hour journey well, I was worried that it may be too much for Shizka, but I got large roomy cages for them in the back of the ute and they all travelled fine. Today was their first day allowed outside, and now they are all inside in front of the fire tired and contented.

I've got some very cute little bantams clearing out the chicken run for me in preparation for getting some layers, and eventually some Araucanas (who lay green eggs), and the greenhouse already has some seedlings on the go.

I'm looking for a job now, I only have a small amount of money left so am starting to worry a bit. I'm applying for all sorts of roles.

Posted by Amanda on June 13, 2014 05:21 PM