[Dining setting at Langford]

Dining setting at Langford

[Staircase at Langford]

Staircase at Langford

[Do we have to get up ? ]

Do we have to get up ?

[Rosellas enjoying the bird feeder]

Rosellas enjoying the bird feeder

[The Feline Ornithological society]

The Feline Ornithological society

[Lamb asleep on the couch]

Lamb asleep on the couch

[Lamb in front of the fire ]

Lamb in front of the fire

[Mum feeding the lamb]

Mum feeding the lamb

[Thanks for the Photobomb Hamish]

Thanks for the Photobomb Hamish

June 15, 2014

Went to see my friend Kim and her partner Rick at Rick's Grandparents house at 'Langford', Walcha. It's an amazing historic building built over a century ago, and is now being used as a reception venue. I had a tour of the building and a lovely roast dinner and catch up with Kim.

A bit more about Langford here

The cats are being very affectinate due to the cold weather, and can now come and go as Alan installed a cat flap for them. They have taken up Ornithology, and spend hours looking at the Rosellas and King Parrots that come to feed in the back yard. The parrots are way too clever for the cats to catch.

My sister in Law Libby has a poddy lamb, which is living in the house, wearing a nappy. I knew there was a reason I liked Libby, she's as bonkers as me when it comes to animals. Who knew nappies fit lambs so well ?

The lamb is called 'Nana' after Libby's grandmother who passed away a year ago. She's a Merino Cross and as she is female she will be a pet (and I might use her fleece for a beanie or two at shearing time)

Posted by Amanda on June 15, 2014 03:38 PM