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Sunroom - Spinning Section

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Sunroom- Tackroom

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Hunter (unless claimed)

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Driving Bobby

June 22, 2014

I was going to say that Wild Rose Cottage is starting to look like a proper house, but no, the cottage is starting to look like my house, which will never be ordinary or proper. The Sunroom is divided into 2 sections, a craft space for spinning and weaving and a tack-room for the ponies' harnesses.

Today I picked up my float and sulkies from my brother's place (and promptly got bogged and had to get a tow from my brother's 4WD), so I celebrated by having my first carriage drive in months. Bobby and I didn't go far, just to the Park and back (about 2km), but I realised how much I've missed driving. I've also realised Invergowrie is very hilly so the ponies will need to slowly build up their fitness.

It looks like I've now got 5 cats. I've heard stories of cats just 'moving in', but never experienced it myself. Over the last week a very handsome grey and white cat has decided that he will be living at the cottage. Open a door - he runs inside. Don't open the door, he huddles up against the window crying in the cold. That cat could win an Oscar! So unless someone responds to my 'found cat' advertisements, 'Hunter' will be joining the feline family. The other 4 cats are still at the growling stage, but there has been no fighting. Hunter has been desexed but he has no Microchip. When the vet said
'what will you do with him'
and I said I'd adopt him if he doesn't have a home
The Vet said 'that's very nice of you'.
My response was 'I'm a Kettlestring' which made the vet burst out in laughter, she knows my family and how cat crazy we all are.

Yesterday I went and joined the Armidale Spinners and Weaver's group. As I expected, they were very welcoming and friendly. I met a neighbour, and several people from Invergowrie. There was a range of women there from about 25 years old and upwards, and apparently the group has several male members as well. Again, it was nice to do some spinning and have a chat about sheep and alpacas and such.

The helpfulness of the local community has amazed me. My brother's neighbour has installed an aerial on the house for the cost of materials only (saving me several hundred dollars),and when I went to the doctor's last week I was advised the consolation would be $110.00, but after mentioning in passing that I was out of work they waived all fees and bulk billed me ! This afternoon there was a note in my letterbox from my neighbour advising of a possible job opportunity in town. I've always been a 'taker', I'm going to have to learn how to give back and share with the community.

Posted by Amanda on June 22, 2014 05:21 PM