[Bathroom before pic]

Bathroom before pic

[Bathroom before pic - floor tiles]

Bathroom before pic - floor tiles

[Bathroom before pic - the crack of doom ]

Bathroom before pic - the crack of doom

[Bathroom before pic - behind the crack of doom ]

Bathroom before pic - behind the crack of doom

[Georgia having a tea party with Skittles]

Georgia having a tea party with Skittles

[Georgia and Langshan chick


Georgia and Langshan chick

[Invergowrie Park in frost]

Invergowrie Park in frost

[Alan and Libby's ducks trying to swim in frozen dam ]

Alan and Libby's ducks trying to swim in frozen dam

[Pony procession ]

Pony procession

[Hunter inspecting frozen dam ]

Hunter inspecting frozen dam

[Langshans ]


[Cooking on the fire ]

Cooking on the fire

[Wood Cooker ]

Wood Cooker



July 13, 2014

It's been a very busy week.

My brother Alan came over to start work on the bathroom. A bathroom shouldn't feel 'spongy' in the walls and floor. So the demolition began. Yep, that hole was a nightmare leak of rotten walls and all the electrical wiring for the house. Lucky I didn't kill myself and burn the house down in the last month. And we wont mention the ants nests, or the rotten supporting beams, or the hole straight through the wall. The bathroom was made from gyprock with no waterproofing whatsoever. It was like a horror movie. I will be showering at my Brother's place until further notice.

As of today I now have a reinforced bathroom structure, and the plumbing has been moved to the opposite wall from the fuse box. We've picked out a shower/bath unit, and next week Alan will start putting in floors, walls and fixtures.

As it's been school holidays we have had Hamish and Georgia over whilst Alan's been working. We have had several pony rides and Georgia had a tea party with Skittles.

I've bought some Langshan hens, and had a bonus bunch of lovely roosters which are destined to be roast dinners, although a grey rooster chick may end up as an ornamental chook as he is almost (but not quite) show quality. The Langshan is a very upright bantam breed that comes in white, black and grey.

Winter has finally come to the New England. Waking up to frosts, frozen dams, and car windscreens covered in ice - brrr. Each morning I go for a walk to see what areas of the property avoid frost, and as Wild Rose Cottage has a lot more tree coverage then my brother's place it is strange to see one paddock brown and one paddock white.

I've discovered that it is much faster to cook on my wood heater than with the toaster oven. It makes lovely stews and gravies.

After a tick of approve from the chimney sweep and now the plumber, the wood cooker / water heater is also in use. It's a Godin brand, which thanks to Google I now know is a French brand of cooker / heater, and is still in production.

The switches seem to be dead, and I think the thermostat is giving optimistic readings, but I was able to produce 1 roast lamb dinner so far.

My Horse Brass collection is starting to see the light of day again.

Posted by Amanda on July 13, 2014 05:12 PM