[Surprise Hyacinth]

Surprise Hyacinth

[Lovely Wattle, the farm is filled with yellow


Lovely Wattle, the farm is filled with yellow

[Mystery Blossom]

Mystery Blossom

[Spring flowers ]

Spring flowers

[Mamma Kamgaroo and Joey. So cute but keep away from my vegetables please. ]

Mamma Kamgaroo and Joey. So cute but keep away from my vegetables please.

[Veggie enclosure]

Veggie enclosure

[The start of my veggie patch

The start of my veggie patch

[Good boy Sunny, eat that blackberry ]

Good boy Sunny, eat that blackberry

[Shizuka in his bandages ]

Shizuka in his bandages



[peacock (at a distance) ]

peacock (at a distance)

[RFS seminar]

RFS seminar

[RFS seminar]

RFS seminar



[Bathroom - please note the lovely colour scheme and the toothbrush holder that I got from Armidale Tip for ten cents ! ]

Bathroom - please note the lovely colour scheme and the toothbrush holder that I got from Armidale Tip for ten cents !

August 30, 2014

The good news is I now have a part time job in a call centre. I've been there for 2 weeks now, and I'm loving it. The money is poor by Sydney standards, but all the jobs I applied for the money was way below Sydney Standards. Mind you, the cost of housing is a lot lower. It makes good financial sense to set up call centres in regional areas, the staffing cost is less and there are no transport costs that may negate the reduced payroll, I'm surprised that nobody has picked up on this and built more regional call centres.

My whole attitude to money has changed. I'm learning to be frugal, which is really hard for me as I've always liked to chuck around the cash. It's a bitter lesson, and one which I wish I learnt decades ago. The number of people who have commented on my handbag up here, it's RM Williams and cost several hundred dollars. My favourite stores used to be RM Williams and Horseland, now it's a local buy, sell and swap site on Facebook and the shop at the local tip. I bought a fantastic freezer for $50 off Facebook last week, and several lovely items from the tip. It's rather sad, but I am very keen on (but have not been able to afford) a pair of decorative plates that are out at the tip. I might put them on my Christmas list LOL.

Supermarket shopping is an ordeal, I hate supermarket shopping at the best of times, but now I am struggling with my altruistic feelings of buying quality and Australian made over my need to purchase as cheaply as possible. Each item I take off the shelf it causes me angst. I still insist on buying milk from the local Co-Op.

In terms of cheap vs quality, I bought a pair of slippers for $6, they lasted less than 8 weeks, whereas my $30 sheepskin slippers have lasted me at least 5 years, even if they are now held together with sticky tape. I'm so glad I didn't throw them out. There are economies to buying quality.

On another note, we have had some decent rainfalls (but still not enough), and the spring flowers are coming out. I have discovered that I have some hyacinths growing (which I adore), snowbells, and the orchard is starting to bloom. I can't wait to see what fruit tress are growing there.

My veggie patch is slowly coming along. This week's project was to put a fence around it to keep out animals. It's a rather poor effort by professional standards, I think a determined kangaroo or rabbit would get under or over it, but I'm hoping the proximity to the house will deter them and I know it will keep out the hens and the ponies (who get let out into the front to graze for a few hours a week).

On the subject of the ponies, I'm very happy to see that they eat blackberry leaves ! I was originally going to get a pair of goats to control the blackberries but the ponies are doing a great job.

My old black cat Shizuka had developed a tumour on his back. Peter kindly paid for him to go to the vets and have this removed, he is on the mend now but was very sore and sorry for a while. He is a truly ugly cat, but I love him dearly as he is one of the most affectionate animals I have ever come across.

On the animal front, there is a local peacock who hangs around the area, he is lovely. My Sister in Law, being another mad animal lover, wanted to get him a girlfriend, so we went off one Saturday afternoon and she bough a peahen (as you do). Both the Peacock and the Peahen have been over to visit me, but at different times. It is wonderful to see these majestic birds strutting about, although you don't want them roosting on your roof and pooping as it goes into your water tank, yuck.

Today I went to the Rural Fire Service Shed in the Village centre (Invergowrie Village Centre consists of a Fire Shed, a children's playground, and a shop). The local University plus the Rural Fire Service but on a fantastic set of lectures about fire prevention and management in the area. Invergowrie is a very high fire risk, and as Wild Rose Cottage has a lot of woodland and tonnes of fallen timber and rubbish it's an extreme fire risk. I learnt heaps about bush fires, property maintenance, and the local ecology. I did not know that as well as Kangaroos and Koalas we have Platypus and Quoll in the local area. I got to meet some of the local residents, and and a lovely lunch.

My last but not least comment on this blog is that I now have a new bathroom, thanks to my parents who paid for it (and painted) and my brother who built it. No more showers wondering if I am going to electrocuted but a fantastic shower/bath and vanity unit in lovely sand colours.

Posted by Amanda on August 30, 2014 04:31 PM