[Chicks !]

Chicks !

[Belgian D'Uccles ]

Belgian D'Uccles

[Peacock ]


[Photos don't do justice to his beauty]

Photos don't do justice to his beauty

[Yikes ! ]

Yikes !

[Orchard in bloom ]

Orchard in bloom

[Two tiny tulips ]

Two tiny tulips



[Lovely roses]

Lovely roses

[Driving Meggsie]

Driving Meggsie

[Lake of wheat]

Lake of wheat

[Country roads ]

Country roads

[photograph] [A well earned drink ]

A well earned drink

October 06, 2014

Well I'm now registered as an official small-volume free range egg producer, but it hasn't been a successful start to my business with the resident fox killing out about $200 worth of chickens ! All my lovely araucanas that I had wanted for so long have been killed, and it's money I really couldn't afford to lose at the moment. I'm gutted, but I guess that's only a tiny taste of what the life of a farmer is. All it takes is too much rain, no rain, a frost, hailstorm, disease, etc and their annual wages are gone in one hit. I think Australian farmers get such a bad deal between government legislation, foreign ownership, and the supermarkets putting the squeeze on them. Buy local everyone !!

The only good thing re the araucanas is that 5 off the eggs hatched, although one of them is pretty weak and I don't think it will make it I now know I can hatch eggs.

I also bought a pair of Belgian D'uccles, which are the cutest tiniest little chickens. The idea is to hatch and sell the chicks. Suffice to say that until my pens are reinforced I am taking no risks and these two little cuties are staying inside until then. Daylight saving - no worries ! You'll wake up on time when you have a rooster in the house.

I had a visit from the neighbourhood Peacock, who decided to show off his finery, and the peahen that my sister in law Libby bought him for a girlfriend. The peahen's visit wasn't as welcome, she was on the kitchen counter and she scared the life out of me. And trying to herd a frightened peahen back outside was no easy feat as she wanted to go out through the (invisible to her) glass window.

With the spring weather the flowers have been blooming and I have had lots of surprises. I'm still waiting to see what's in the orchard but it was a glory of blossom. I had 2 tulips ! Tiny, but still tulips. And one bluebell. I'm waiting to see what happens will all the roses that grow on the property (hence it's name).The ancient climbing rose that goes over the old water tank is covered in thousands of buds that has just started flowering - I love yellow roses so am thrilled.

This long weekend I've fought up with a few Sydney friends which has been fantastic.

Friday night my friend Belinda and her husband Mark came over to see the cottage and have dinner. Now I was really worried, as in the past Peter (being an excellent cook) did all the entertaining. as my toaster oven is very weak and my wood oven doesn't have a thermostat I decided to use the trusty Weber BBQ to cook a piece of local New England Lamb and home grown veggies. But the heat beads would not light, end believe me we tried! So we ended up with fish and chips at Invergowrie store where Belinda and Mark got to see the Invergowrie CBD (i.e. the store). It was lovely to catch up with them and I'm so glad they made the effort to come and see me.

Yesterday and today I went out to the Liverpool plains to go driving with another Sydney friend, Keri, who used to agist my ponies. We did an endurance drive, which is like an endurance ride, where you go out for a long distance, and the fastest horse / pony who passes a check by a veterinarian at the end of the race wins. Keri did the half day enduro, which was around 30km. We went out to Spring Hill, and drove through black soil country of wheat and Canola. It was very flat, turns out that it is a lake that fills every 20 years or so and in between is used for planting crops. The scenery was surreal, the driving nice and flat and the weather lovely.

What a great couple of days.

Posted by Amanda on October 6, 2014 05:19 PM