[Gate !]

Gate !

[Hamish in the mud and rain ]

Hamish in the mud and rain

[Araucana egg - it's only an are to you but it's a dream come true to me]

Araucana egg - it's only an are to you but it's a dream come true to me



[Ponies and Araucanas ]

Ponies and Araucanas

[Uralla Poultry Auction ]

Uralla Poultry Auction

[Pigs anyone ? ]

Pigs anyone ?

[Auction time ]

Auction time

[No caption required ]

No caption required



[Chook Chook ]

Chook Chook

December 07, 2014

Last Saturday whilst I was at work the ponies escaped, but they just stayed in the cup-de-sac outside the front and ate grass, as they haven't had green grass for a few months now.

We have had a week of good rain, and the green grass is starting to come back up again, thank goodness. My veggie garden is taking off, my water tank is overflowing so I can do laundry without having to bucket the water from the washing machine onto the garden.

So now that I will need my 4-legged lawn mowers in the house paddock to keep the grass down, my brother came over and installed a front gate for me whilst I watched on rather uselessly. Hamish was playing in the mud (it is a novelty), and got his boots stuck.

This weekend has been a busy and good one. I got my first Aracauna egg - that is something I have wanted for many years. It's not terribly big or terribly blue but it is so exciting for me. I don't know what to do with it, eat it, put it under my broody Langshan hen ? Maybe I could get someone to blow it and glue some diamontes on it a la Faberge.

I also had a lovely Christmas Party at Bendemeer with the Tamworth Carriage club, they are all so friendly and welcoming. I am antisocial at the best of times, but everyone is so nice. We had a lovely meal followed up by a great slideshow of driving events from the year.

There are a few good driving events coming up in the New Year so I need to get my ponies fit ! Since I went on the mini-enduro drive last year as a groom with Kerie and her pony Meggsie, I have been fascinated by doing and endurance drive with my team, and there is one in February nearby up here. I won't be able to do the huge distances that the big horses do but I'm going to aim for 30km if the going is flat.

The other thing I did this weekend was go to Uralla Poultry Auction. I've been wanting to do that for a while, but it clashes most months with the Tamworth Harness Club rally days, so I took the opportunity to go when I could.

Again, being a bit antisocial I had to muster up the courage to go, but when i got there I had a ball. The auction was in the show ground, under a big awning. The Lions Club folks were there cooking up eggs and bacon breakfasts and tea and coffee, and it was a very social event. I got chatting to a few people and I think one charming but toothless old gent tried to chat me up! I met a few people that I have had dealings with on the chook scene up here, and a fellow carriage driving person too.

These people all know each other, and they were so country. Akubras full of holes, stubby shorts and thongs, and trailers full of poultry and pigs, it was great fun. The auctioneer was funny, the auction was fast and efficient.

I was stunned be the prices. I had heard that the last few months takings were really low, but the prices stunned me. Hens that would normally sell for $50-$100 were selling for $20.

Roosters sold for next to nothing. There were same fantastic Roosters but I better stick to the 3 I have as it's too noisy as it is, Prince (the Belgian D'uccle), Count (the Araucana) and Duke (the Wyandott/Pekin cross).

There were two lots that leapt out at me, a lovely Blue belgian D'Uccle hen with 6 newborn chicks, and a pheasant. I have never seen a pheasant for sale for less than $100, and bidding on him started at $50, but there were no takers. So complete impulse buy - I got him for $25, and he came in a bucket that was worth $20 !! So now I own a now own a 'not quite tame but not totally feral but nearly so' Pheasant called 'Chook Chook' Lucky I have a large pen with a roof.

I also got the beautiful Blue Belgian D'Uccle hen with 6 chicks, but I can't get a decent photo of her as she keeps on gathering up her chicks and sitting on them for protection every time I come near so you will just need to take my word that she is very cute (if you're into tiny chickens).

At that point I left the auction as the temptation was too great and I was worried I'd end up buying some ducks or geese!

Posted by Amanda on December 7, 2014 04:23 PM