[Baa Baa Bleck Sheep - I'm gonna spin your wool]

Baa Baa Bleck Sheep - I'm gonna spin your wool

[Bobby decides that if it's raining he will stay on the verandah thanks]

Bobby decides that if it's raining he will stay on the verandah thanks



[Showing he knows what a litter tray is ]

Showing he knows what a litter tray is

[did someone say kitten ? Georgia is there ]

did someone say kitten ? Georgia is there

[Tama the Maneki Neko]

Tama the Maneki Neko

December 28, 2014

We have had a lot of rain over the last 3 weeks. My water tank is overflowing, and the dams have received a lot of water, although they are still probably both at only 25% capacity.

I've done very little with the ponies due to the rain, although I did discover that the local store accepts horse and cart parking !

My beautiful tame pheasant is missing, assumed eaten by a fox. The fox in the last week has taken 7 chooks, I have had to abandon one of my pens as it simply not fox safe, and stand guard over the chickens when I let them out for a run in the garden. I had 2 foxes killed on my property a few weeks back, but clearly there are more. I wish I could just feed the fox some cat food and get him to leave my beautiful rare chooks alone, but the last 4 hens he killed he didn't eat a bite of any of them, just killed them for fun. I am so glad I invested in fox-proof breeding pens for my Araucanas and Belgian D'uccles.

In the last few weeks I've been getting some new recycled pets. My brother and sister in law have given me their two black merinos, Tim-Tam and Stanley. They are from a purebred merino herd, total throw-backs that are usually culled, but the manager of the sheep station is good friends of my brother and they know what suckers for animals they are so they ended up at Invergowrie. I wanted their fleece for spinning and knitting, so instead of a hand-me-down jumper I know have 2 hand-me-down sheep to make a jumper with !

Today I got a re-gifted Christmas present, a beautiful little kitten who was given as a gift but surplus to needs. This kitten has tortoiseshell markings, but is a male. The tortoiseshell colour pattern only exists when there is an XX chromosome, so only on female cats.

I have two theories here. Either he has siamese markings but a large amount of white. If his eyes stay blue then that will be the case. Or, if he is a true male
Tortiseshell he has an extra set of Chromosomes and be XXY. Or both Libby and I have made a mistake in sexing, but the back end looks very male to both os us.

Only 1 in 3,000 tortishell cats are male, and in Japan they are considered to be extremely lucky and worth a lot of money. They are rare enough to make it into the news worldwide.

So this kitten has to be called Maneki Neko - which is the Japanese good luck cat , but my family said that the name is too long. So he will be called Tama, after the original Maneki Neko :

Maneki Neko is the tricolor bobtail Japanese cat statue often kept in Japanese businesses and homes. It is always shown with either its left or right paw raised, and is often called the beckoning cat. Maneki Neko statues are said to bring good luck to its owners.
The most popular legend of Maneki Nekoís origins is one where a cat named Tama saves a Samurai leaderís life by beckoning him with his raised paw just before a bolt of lightning was to strike him. The Samurai leader entered the poor temple where Tama lived, and was so impressed by the priest and his temple, made it his familyís temple, bringing it great wealth. When the cat died, the priest gave him a burial with full honors and the legend of Maneki Neko was created to honor Tama.

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