[The local distillery has won an international award for their Gin ]

The local distillery has won an international award for their Gin

[Nothing like gin at 10:30 am - hey mum ? ]

Nothing like gin at 10:30 am - hey mum ?

[Nice Cart ]

Nice Cart

[Uralla Food and Wine festival ]

Uralla Food and Wine festival

[Arding Church ]

Arding Church

[Tama checking out the fire ]

Tama checking out the fire

[Detzel  cat ]

Detzel cat

[Detzel Hippocampus ]

Detzel Hippocampus

April 03, 2015

A very bittersweet day today. This morning Bobby and Moochie left to go to their new home in Victoria. I am really lucky in that their new owner is really nice - and now my 'instant' close friend (gotta love Facebook), and she lives near two other good friends who are experienced drivers.

I am gutted that I had to let them go, and it has taken me months to reach this decision, but I simply could not afford the cost of keeping them (I have 7 acres of dirt), and they were going to waste. My heart is heavy but my concience is buoyant that they are going together (as they are very much attached to each other) and to a carriage driving home.

Sunny kept on whinnying for the morning once they left but frankly I think Jerry was happy to see his two brothers go, he only has one pony over him in the pecking order now than three. With no feed in the paddock there was a lot of fighting, and Jerry was knocked unconscious by Bobby and badly hurt recently.

On a more interesting side - hopefully at some stage I will be competing against The boys and their new owner Jen in the small pony pairs class at CDEs that will be fun!

My cousin from the UK and his lovely partner are over here for a year. Last weekend we went to the Uralla Food and wine festival. What great fun, lots of New England producers giving out samples of their wares, and a country band providing entertainment. Any day where you are sipping gin at 10:30 in the morning is good by me ! I bumped into a few people I know through driving and archery so I felt like I was a local - woo hoo ! And I discovered one of my new carriage driving friends has the most beautiful Governess Cart (they were doing pony rides in it).

Earlier that day, I went to cast my vote. I got the chance to go to the neighbouring 'village'- Arding, where all they have is a church (as opposed to us having a shop and a fire station and a playground !!). I finally got to go to the church (which if I remember from the sign holds services 4 times a year), and vote. A far cry from Sydney where you would have to wait in a queue, which is why I always used to do postal votes.

It's started to get cold, I have had the fire on. It was the first time kitten Tama had seen the fire so he was very interested. Now he is older I can see he is a seal point Siamese cross, although he can't meow which is rather funny.

I've had a study day today. I am manic about learning stuff, the less relevant it is to real life the better.

About 13 years ago I had a month of madly studying about carousels (merry go rounds). I learnt all the great craftsmen, that they go clockwise in Commonwealth countries and anti-clockwise elsewhere (as part of the American Independence movement), that the outer facing side of the animals is called the 'romance' side and is more heavily carved and gilded.

Why did I chose to go all manic over carousels ? No Idea. But about a year later I got to go to Seattle on a business trip and while there had the opportunity to go to a carousel museum that had many of the pieces that I had studied. Weird. But I will say that if ever I won a fortune I would buy a Detzel cat and a Detzel Hippocampus (which is another obsession, just ask me about my tattoo) .

I can't just get passingly interested in something, I have to get totally immersed. Thus the carriage driving, I HAD to go 4 in hand even if it was wobbly and my arms hurt because I had to do it all. It is a lot of fun and so much of a bother at the same time. I had an alpaca, so had to learn to spin wool an weave, and get a qualification in spinning. And get way too many spinning wheels.

So I currently have 2 things on the boil, learning about archery and the local Bushranger (highwayman) who made this area famous.

I spent today reading a book on archery. So much maths ! I didn't realise that you can't just stick an arrow on a bow, it is all about physics. This will get my brain working.

And I will come back to you all in the future with my thoughts on 'Captain Thunderbolt', the local villain who is now a hero because he didn't kill all that many people. Huh ? But the book I bought from the food and wine fair is a fantastic read.

Posted by Amanda on April 3, 2015 01:27 PM