[Miss Daisy]

Miss Daisy

[Filthy Freda]

Filthy Freda



[Sir Claxalot ]

Sir Claxalot


Because I'm an obsessive collector, I have accumulated a selection of spinning wheels. I can't help it, sorry Peter.

This can be justified to some extent, as each wheel has it's own characteristics, which mean that it is better suited for spinning one kind of fleece or type of yarn over another.

New Zealand appears to be the spinning Mecca of the world, with the vast majority of spinning wheels originating from there.

All these wheels have a bobbin drive, so I can't prick my finger on the spindle ala Sleeping Beauty. Good thing, as I sleep far too much as it is already.

Spinning wheels fall into the category of inanimate objects that get named, like cars and boats. At my spinning classes, almost everyone has named their wheels, and assigned it a gender. Oddly enough 2 of my wheels are definitely female, and two male.

"Miss Daisy: (so called because she gets chauffeur driven in the front seat of my ute) is an Ashford Brand Traveller wheel.

"Filthy Freda" (named after a work colleague) is an Ahsford traditional with a jumbo flyer, for plying and for spinning thicker wools.

"Oliver" (named after a car on Top Gear) is an Ashford Traditional with a standard flyer.

"Sir Claxalot" (so called as he is rather noisy) is a double drive Renaissance brand wheel with a small flyer, good for spinning fine fibres such as suri alpaca and cotton.

Posted by Amanda on January 7, 2011 11:34 AM